After the debate, Juan Jose Gomez Centurion provoked again with the number of the disappeared


Although he had dodged the issue of human rights during the second debate presidential, Juan Jose Gomez Centurion, candidate of the US Front, again provoked this Sunday, October 20 regarding the controversy over the number of disappeared during the last civil-military dictatorship. After the contest that took place last night in the UBA Law School, the extitular of the Customs reached 30 thousand followers in his Twitter account and used the social network to highlight the figure: “These are 30,000!”, He expressed in an ironic tone.

During his presentation at the first debate which took place in Santa Fe, Gomez Centurion had referred to the agencies that investigate the crimes of the last de facto government as "the work of human rights". In that framework, He said that if he reached the first magistracy he would end up with "the systematic shame" of the payment to "terrorist criminals" and proposed "to compensate the victims" for the "subversion" attacks. "We will end the human rights work and we will end the payment to terrorist criminals," he said in reference to subsidies for relatives of missing persons.

Who won the second presidential debate, according to analysts

Days after, Carlotto Stele, head of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, went to the crossing and said that the former head of Customs "Is a savage" that "revindicated state terrorism" and that "called our children criminals." The NOS Front candidate responded and affirmed that the social reference “is the mother of a terrorist”, referring to Laura Carlotto, who was kidnapped in November 1977, when she was three months pregnant.

The controversial sayings of Gomez Centurion about the number of missing persons are not new. "I do not think there was a plan to make people disappear, it was a very awkward coup d'etat dealing with an enemy who did not know how to handle it and who had started in 75 with a constitutional order of annihilation," he said years ago during an interview to the program I must say.

“The disappearance of thousands of people is terrible. It is a cause-consequence analysis. And the number is not pornographic to the extent of how we develop it, because 8,000 people dead from the social point of view is frightening, but from the historical point of view it is not the same 8000 truths as 22 thousand lies"He concluded.


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