Brian Burke makes fun of Canadian fans


A former Toronto Maple Leaf general manager, the flamboyant Brian Burke has seen – and heard – green and unripe as he roamed the streets of Montreal before his team's games against the Canadiens.

In an interview on Sportsnet radio, the former DG shared his lasting memories of his relationship with hockey fans in the Quebec metropolis.

These memories are unflattering for Montreal fans. Burke reveled in these "special" moments with them and did not hesitate to make fun of Blue-white-red supporters on Friday.

"There are four blocks between the Vogue Hotel and the Bell Center," he recalled. I was walking to the arena and the players always asked me, "Why do not you take the bus with us?" Because I was being harassed all the way!

"Montreal fans are incredible! On match days, as soon as I left the hotel at 10am, people were starting to scream at me from across the street or spit on the sidewalk crossing me. "

"Once, a guy saw me while driving. He stopped his car in the street and blocked the traffic to go out and shout at me, swearing in French and in English. It was priceless. I would not trade this memory for anyone else. "- Brian Burke

So much hate for the hockey man, who today acts as an analyst for Rogers in English Canada.

"I can not tell you publicly what these people were yelling at me," he added. It does not have a price. You can not afford that kind of entertainment. "

Some examples

It must be said that Burke, as well as during his NHL career with the Leafs, the Anaheim Ducks, the Vancouver Canucks and the Whalers of Hartford, has often raised the controversy because of his inflammatory remarks – which did not always attract the sympathy of the people on the planet hockey, fans to players, thinking of his counterparts of opposing teams.

Just last summer, Burke had loaned Auston Matthews the intention to leave the Maple Leafs, a prediction that prompted a public release of the American star to express his "disappointment".

In addition, while serving as President of the Calgary Flames Hockey Operations, Burke has already described the media as "vomit" by commenting on the thorny relationship between the Toronto press and the former spokesperson. Leafs Phil Kessel.

In 2014, still in the fold of the Flames, Burke had asked John Tortorella, head coach of the Vancouver Canucks at the time, to "close his mouth" on the sidelines of the famous match where "Torts" had stitched with his counterpart Bob Hartley.

Some examples that will – perhaps – excuse the behavior of Montreal fans to his place …

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