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Bundesliga: Union against Hertha: The special derby


30 years after the fall of the wall

Union against Hertha is more than Derby to many in the capital. More than football. Here the east meets the west, east Berlin (Union) meets West Berlin (Hertha). Almost exactly 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Even today, the city is split into red and white Union and blue and white Hertha pendant. A history without history. For the direct duel came by the division only after the reunification.

Four duels in the 2nd league

So far, there were only duels in the 2nd league, not in the league. Four times you met in the lower house in the seasons 2010/11 and 2012/13 on each other. But probably the most important game took place on July 21, 1990 in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. For the first time, Hertha and Union faced each other. For the first time, the clubs, which are just 30 kilometers apart, could stand together on the pitch.

The decades before, Union had other rivals like the BFC Dynamo. The club, which was supported by the state security, was the series champion, while the Köpenicker Kiez-Verein, despite greater popularity in East Berlin, a life as elevator team.

Fan friendship since 70s

Hertha's rival in the west of the city was mainly tennis Borussia in the 70s and 80s. Between 1988 and 1991 there were also several city duels with blue and white 90 – all in the 2nd league.

In fact, the fans of Hertha Union before the fall of the wall, a fan friendship. It originated in the 1970s. Tried Hertha in away games in the UEFA Cup in the Eastern Bloc, were always Union fans with it. In 1977, more than 100 Hertha supporters traveled to Magdeburg for the away game of 1. FC Union.

Derby divides Berlin into two camps

After the fall of the wall, the two fan camps celebrated their friendship in two unification games. The first took place in front of 50,000 spectators in the Olympic Stadium, the second shortly thereafter only 4,000 fans came to the Alte Försterei. Already here began to cool the mutual interest.

The relationship between the two associations became a mirror of social development. The initial euphoria became indifference. Although the wall was gone, the east-west city boundary marked the dividing line of the fan camps. The east of the city was behind Union, the west behind Hertha.

Now it comes on Saturday evening to the hot Derby expected (from 18.30 clock in RTL.de Liveticker). It is the first Berlin city derby in the Bundesliga for 42 years. On April 16, 1977 beat tennis Borussia 2-0 Hertha BSC.

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