"Canaries in Hellfest mode"


Faced with a non-existent Paris FC, FC Nantes has scored almost as many goals in a game (8) as from the beginning of its season in Ligue 1 and, above all, has signed a record in a race destined to disappear in the spring.

We shivered at La Beaujoire this Wednesday night. At the same time, it was the theme of the evening since on this eve of Halloween, Abdoulaye Toure's partners sported a jersey already collector (and out of stock) cigle Hellfest, the famous festival of the hell of Clisson. Except that if we trembled, it was not because of the opponent but because of the weather: a little wind and especially a fine and continuous rain, which even pushed the referee to thoroughly inspect the front lawn the kick-off to judge whether it, abundantly watered all day, could still accommodate twenty-two football players without fear of ending up bogged down.

This was the case, therefore, and that's good because Nantes has unfolded what, according to the visitor, last in Ligue 2, was rather logical. Remains the magnitude of the score, which illustrates what the purists often point out in section: at least, the opponent has been respected at its fair value … No need to dwell on the full scenario unless recalling that it will still have to wait 22 minutes to see evolve the scoreboard, which may seem short seen later, and especially from a team that had never scored so fast in Ligue 1 this season.

Before, only Coulibaly had indeed managed to score before the half hour of play (28th minute), but it was in Strasbourg and we know how it ended (as a reminder, defeat 2-1 in Alsace) … There , no fear therefore, including when the referee has designated the point of penalty for men in the capital early in the second period for a foul fault (there is no VAR at this stage of the competition). Nantes were already leading 6-0 and the Paris striker, the former Cholet Addeldjelil, sent his shot alongside.

A last great tribute to Emiliano Sala

As a result, Alexandre Olliero, tenured in the cages, has hardly touched a ball of the evening unlike his alter ego, Vincent Demarconnay, obviously much more sought. But he also did not touch much: on the nine shots on target (out of 16 tempted, as much as against … Monaco last Friday) from the FCN, eight finished at the bottom, including three sent by the only Moses Simon, the latest artificer at La Beaujoire (against Nice). Note that the young Elie Youan has also opened his pro counter, just like Imran Louza, who made his return after serving two suspension games. Finally Ludovic Blas (author of a double) and Mehdi Abeid complete the list. Admittedly the FCN will no doubt meet more opponents as weak as the Paris FC (in the Coupe de France maybe …) this season, but Christian Gourcuff can nevertheless be pleased to have a competitive locker room.

Overall, it is a real satisfaction for the technician who, after two consecutive losses in the league, was able to afford a real breath of fresh air and, why not, re-engage a new dynamic. A shame on the other hand for his counterpart, Mecha Bazdarevic. It's a little bit of a word, since for the ultimate edition, it's the widest score recorded in the history of the event! In the end, we could not pay better tribute to the last great scorer of the Canaries, a certain Emiliano Sala who, this Thursday, October 31, should have blown his 29th birthday. Hold there too, there is a little shiver. And it's not a weather story …

Charles GUYARD, at the Beaujoire

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