Dynamo coach Fiel convinced before final: "We will win 100 percent!"


Dresden – Cristian Fiel has come as a player numerous coaches come and go – even or better straight in Dresden. Now he is the coach himself SG Dynamo and I know what the hour has come.
In training this week Cristian Fiel (l.), Moral reconstruction work - was certainly badly needed with Chris lion.

In training this week Cristian Fiel (l.), Moral reconstruction work – was certainly badly needed with Chris lion.

It's a final against SV Wehen Wiesbaden on Friday night. Last against penultimate. He can not afford another defeat, otherwise it will be very tight for him. He is dependent on his boys.

How does he deal with the question about his person? "I focus on what I can influence and that's the daily work with the boys, the address to the boys, what I ask of them and everything else is not in my hands, so I do not need to worry about it" says the 39-year-old.

At his words, the coach is by no means depressed, but tense. The burden on his shoulders seems enormous. "The situation is brutally annoying, but that's football, today nobody cares what was yesterday, it has always been that way, now it's just the point to score," Fiel takes a deep breath.

"The word with M, with U, with double S and EN at the end, I know, you just have to do one thing in life, but the timing is just where we should win," emphasizes Fiel the "should" special energetic and adds: "I am 100 percent convinced that we win the game."

A sentence on which he has to be measured just before 20.30 clock. Point!

"Love Dynamo" is black on orange on the gang. Today everyone, coach Cristian Fiel (r.), Has to show the players and the fans that's the way it is.

His Dynamo meet today on a troop that has literally licked blood in recent weeks.

Anyone who wins 2-1 against Stuttgart with 15 percent possession and two real shots on goal, against whom HSV only need one chance to win 1-1, is not from Pappe.

Two goals conceded in the last few games, it is concrete that touches Wiesbaden: "I assume that contractions come here tells us, 'Let's let Dynamo do it.' If we look at the past few weeks, they make a decisive Mistakes and we use that to win here. ' I do not think they will change anything in their way, stand compact and wait for that one moment. "

And Dresden may not deliver that, otherwise …

The latest results scare: Dynamo reckons tonight to this important game with only 23000 spectators, of which 100 from Wiesbaden. It would be the absolute minus backdrop in this calendar year.

By the way: It is the premiere between both teams in the 2nd league.

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