EU Parliament recommends Jabber instead of WhatsApp and checks signal


Members of the European Parliament and their staff will communicate via Jabber in the future. Previously, the left-wing group had made an application to use the messenger signal. The IT department denied the request and instead recommended WhatsApp, since the service as well as the signal was end-to-end encrypted, the statement said.

Signal is now – according to reports also on heise online – tested by the IT department of Parliament for his safety. According to Martin Schirdewan's office, who submitted the application, the administration said it may take a while. Until then, the recommendation is now Jabber.

Due to the first "somewhat surprising" answer and the notion that not a single messenger had been tested for security issues so far, the group is planning a longer request to the administration. "If the administration of the European Parliament can not install a common messenger for security reasons, it will be a little bit out of time and strange in 2019. I will try to find out in other areas in which areas the Parliament's IT too not up to date, "explains Schirdewan on demand from heise online.

It is well-known that WhatsApp despite the encryption metadata migrate to the parent company Facebook, such as location data, phone number and profile photos. Jabber, on the other hand, is a protocol that many apps use.


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