Ex-professional Patrice Evra on time at Juventus: "seen players who have surrendered in training"


As left-back from Manchester United belonged to the Frenchman Patrice Evra between 2006 and 2014 to one of the best defenses in the world, After eight years with the Red Devils, he moved to Juventus at age 33 and played there mostly from the beginning, After further stops at Olympique Marseille and West Ham United he finished his career last summer. His many titles he won mainly in Manchester and Turin. at Sky sports he now compares the training work of his two top clubs and sees big differences,

38-year-old Evra says of his time in the Premier League: "I have won many titles with Manchester United, but I am not afraid to say that this time felt like a vacation compared to Juventus Has." Because: The training sessions in Italy were more numerous and intense, according to the 81-time national player. "You even train on the day of the game, so I'm so proud to have played for Juve. That was one of my biggest tasks in life'We only had one day off per month.'

At Juventus, Evra said, everyone had a very different attitude in training. "Juventus has this DNA to work hard, I saw players who gave in training and then finished training.", he says, adding that in each game a mileage of at least twelve kilometers was required. "Sometimes it did not make sense to me because we always had the ball, and in some games I ran nine klimers, in some ten. Two days later I had to catch up in training two or three kilometers. "

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