Fallout 76: Premium membership costs only 120 euros a year


Bethesda has introduced "Fallout 1st", the new premium offer for players of "Fallout 76". For around 15 euros per month or 120 euros per year, users receive various advantages such as monthly atoms, access to private worlds and much more.

Fallout 76: Premium membership costs only 120 euros a year - that's included

For all players who can not get enough of "Fallout 76", take a look at the new premium offer "Fallout 1st", Which was presented today by Bethesda.

With the premium membership, members get access to private servers, exclusive cosmetic content, 1,650 atoms per month and other extras. However, the players have to pay for a premium price. The monthly subscription costs not less than 14.99 euros. Alternatively, there is an annual subscription, which is offered for 119.99 euros.

Fallout 1st: Advantages of the premium subscription

  • Private worlds: Play with up to seven friends in a different world.
  • recycling box: Unlimited storage space for manufacturing components.
  • Survival tent: A freely placeable fast travel point with storage box, sleeping bag and everything you need to satisfy your basic needs.
  • atoms: 1,650 atoms per month for the Atomic Shop.
  • Ranger Armor outfit: A distinctive Fallout outfit, exclusive to members.
  • Player Icons and Emotes Package: Unique player symbols and emotes, exclusive to members.

The advantages mentioned, such as access to the private world, the survival tent, exclusive Atomic Shop offers or the recycling box, are only enjoyed by the players during their active subscription. However, the atoms received by the membership and the Ranger armor outfit are also retained when membership expires.

More details about the premium offer "Fallout 1st"For" Fallout 76 "players Bethesda has summarized on the official page in a matching FAQ.

Big Wastlanders expansion until 2020

Just recently, Bethesda developers announced that the Wastelanders expansion will be released in the first quarter of 2020. The development needs more time for fine-tuning, the developers explained.

On the subject: Fallout 76: Wastelanders has been postponed to next year – Private servers will be released next week

In "Wastelanders" human NPCs are to be brought to Appalachia with their worries, dreams and wishes. It should be the largest expansion so far.

Further news about Fallout 76.

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