FMF and Liga MX surprised with attitude of the Football Association


In the Mexican Football Federation Y MX League they said they were surprised by the attitude of the president of the Mexican Association of Footballers, Alvaro Ortiz, considering that he encouraged Veracruz players not to appear this Friday to play against Tigers due to lack of payments.

“There was a lack of dialogue of the Association of Soccer Players and instead of asking players to go to processes that do work and it is within the same league and that helped the players of Veracruz, the AMFPro prompted players to stop. We will work with players to solve this problem in the club Veracruz”He commented.

For its part, Enrique Bonilla, president of the MX League, commented that it caused "oddity" the way Ortiz works, because it was the League itself that helped them form the Players Association.

“It makes me strange, because before its foundation we supported the league with experience and legal support, as well as with few or many knowledge. Life from when it was the player's commission until now we were part of the team that helped them collect debts, ”he said.

Despite this, Bonilla acknowledged that he expects a reconciliation and talks with the leader to work once more together.

“There is no anger, annoyance, but there is a strangeness that one must work together and hopefully this attitude changes and work together to help league players, promotion, even Second division Y Third division”, He said.

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