From Moria Casan to Luis Novaresio: strong repudiation of the statements of Monsignor Aguer


After aiming at TV drivers Marcelo Tinelli and Angel De Brito, the archbishop emeritus of La Plata, Hector Aguer, received a shower of comments that repudiated what the Catholic priest wrote in a column published on the Infocatolica page under the name "The naturalization of the unnatural" and in which, in just over ten paragraphs, he questions feminism, identity and equal rights of the LGTBQ community.

Show personalities like Moria Casan, Veronica Lozano, Daniel Grinbank or Jey Mammon, journalists Luis Novaresio and Fabian Doman or the politicians Leandro Santoro and Claudio Avruj, among others, crossed and were ironic with the reflections of Aguer, who, like Tinelli had done, was asked about the role of pedophile priests in the community he represents.

"Dear @cuervotinelli: There are disqualifications that qualify you. That whoever banks a rock in the neck to gays, prevents ESI in public schools and distills public hatred by charging state pay, places you where you are: on the right side", wrote Novaresio on the morning of this Friday, and refueled the tweet in which the conductor of Channel 13 ironic about Aguer's silence regarding pedophilia cases.

"One of the defining data of the culture that is imposed globally is the denial of the concept and reality of nature," said the religious, while marking that "according to the new vision of things, there is nothing given , what has been received, what we do not build and that constitutes the native identity of everything that exists. "

The Buenos Aires legislator of the Frente de Todos, Leandro Santoro, discussed in theological terms with Aguer from his Twitter account: "In the" theology "of Monsignor Hector Aguer, one of the mysteries of the faith, results from the mystery of why Jesus helped Mary Magdalene and added her to her environment, being that she deserved to die by stoning given her adultery status. Nefarious purple, this. ? ”

Aguer considered that “The clearest example of this position is gender ideology, which intimately alters human reality" In that sense, he affirmed that “in an era in which the body is divinized and worshiped, it is also despised and contradicted” and questioned gender identity warning that “gender is chosen according to the subjective inclination and the body it is accommodated to inner perception through surgery or hormone intake. ”

The Secretary of Human Rights of the Nation, Claudio AvrujHe also repudiated the monsignor: “#Aguer. Democracy is full when freedom of expression is respected. I repudiate the disqualification of the media and those who give it life. I defend sexual diversity as a state policy. And I advocate an Argentina that is a model of coexistence ”.

Moria Casan and the businessman Daniel Grinbank They responded ironically to the criterion of the monsignor. “#WHATT ??? what AGUER is wearing, was a layer of mine from the show's END and the helmet also # ?????? ”, the diva tweeted. “Monsignor Aguer is right. The propaganda is so great that it is disturbing the minds of church members turning them into pedophiles. You have to get Satanas out of the media !!!! ”, the former president of Independiente and former owner of Rock & Pop radio wrote.

“You can see on the internet a case in which the confusion reaches a point of ridicule – it moves rather to crying than to laughter – a man, who is actually a woman, pregnant by a woman, who is actually a man. The filmed display of behaviors against nature reaches a surprising degree of perversion for normal people, ”he said.

Conductor Veronica Lozano also emphasized the cases of pedophilia within the Catholic Church. From his Twitter account, he told Aguer: "Mr, take care of pedophilia in the church, they do harm and it is a crime."

The priest said that "the" collective "that brings together people whose behaviors are made public and claimed as rights, tries to recognize as natural and legitimate multiple capricious combinations in the name of non-discrimination." Then, he added:Christians are to pray and make the object of our love to those who have been absorbed by the way of thinking and living "against nature" ". This marked his position on people who, he understands, live against nature.

The actor Fernando Dente directly considered that Aguer's words give him “disgust":" It decomposes me. I find no other explanation than pure evil. Some representatives of the Church are all that is wrong. They are the anti love, the anti Freedom. I understand that being a cure and having to repress sexual desire for so long, this happens. ”

“The media is a major factor in the attempt to change people's mentality, despite the fact that the anarchic use of" networks "alters the landscape somewhat, for better and for worse. Other destructive behaviors are widely praised, as if they were normal, what is now customary, the natural, ”said the archbishop of La Plata.

Another of the journalists who supported his colleagues was Fabian Doman, who sympathized with a tweet: “We are all @cuervotinelli Y @AngeldebritoOk. No to the inquisition in 2019. No to intolerance. No to the owners of society's morale. Let's go anywhere so he knows that hundreds of thousands don't think like him. ”

The award-winning writer Claudia Pineiro, one of the most fervent defenders of the legalization of abortion in Argentina and of the gender perspective, wondered if Aguer's words do not deserve a criminal cause: “The statements of this man are not a crime? Shouldn't we report it? ”

Singer Paula Maffia, the niece of the philosopher and referent of Argentine feminism, Diana Maffia, also wrote a tweet to repudiate Aguer: "They complain about the plans but we keep these lazy pedophiles and transhomophobes, stop fucking …"

"Last year, 67 people died of hate crimes related to sexual identity in Argentina. Hate speeches precede crimes. People like this are complicit in those deaths. My solidarity with @cuervotinelli Y @AngeldebritoOk", wrote on his Twitter account Luciana Salazar, becoming a political analyst in recent months.

Actor Jey Mammon wrote a provocative tweet against Aguer this Friday and sent him to dance with Tinelli: "AGUER I left the closet capable if I called you @cuervotinelli For the dancing. It's been a while since you managed to get his attention, try something else! ”

“Another of the main leaders: the showman with probable political possibilities, which also exhibits in the show the private life of his dancers, and promotes superficial pairings; that such a monster has a good "rating" measures to what level we have fallen, "Aguer said in clear reference to Marcelo Tinelli. He also pointed against Brito Angel. “They expose themselves to public curiosity, with luxury of details and permanent updating, the fleeting affairs of people from the show business. Simply display the Shows section of some newspapers, or connect with the demon of the morning that is loose on a television channel ”, he said, referring to the Los Angeles Morning program driver.

Both drivers responded: "Of the pedophile priests he said nothing ??? I did not read the entire note, because his words remind me of the Inquisition. ”, wrote Tinelli.

While De Brito suggested making a march to La Plata to repudiate what was written by Aguer. "We could visit Monsignor next month with a new march of pride, and all feminist groups. Green scarves and rainbow flags! What do they say?

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