Gandia Shore, without the right to forget


Despite the efforts of the City of Gandia to part with the Shore image, the program remains closely linked to the city. It is demonstrated by the searches on the internet portals, where the two related terms are located above services such as the ferry to the Balearic Islands, hotels or the Pirate Rock festival

A month of issuance and a stigma for a lifetime. It could be a good description of what it was Gandia Shore for the capital of the Safor region. It has been seven years since they could watch on television the adventures of a group of girls and young boys locked up during 31 days of summer in a house, a time in which they basically spent partying, having fun at the beach clubs and riding saraos in the house itself. The screens amplified the image that Gandia was the capital of despiporren, the temple of the party and drunkenness.

Some time later, the city council even signed an institutional statement supported by all parties with which he rejected the recording of a second edition frontally of this reallity. The years that have followed that, at the level of tourism management, have been aimed at getting rid of the heavy slab that was for the city that experience.

But television is a difficult monster to beat and even today the name of that program and everything that it supposed in terms of image is still linked to the city. In Gandia you don't even want to hear about space but on the internet things change This newspaper has been able to verify that the universe «shore» and everything that surrounds it appears in the list of the 25 most searched terms in Google related to the city.

Specifically, when the platform is asked what interests the word Gandia generates on the internet, it appears in fifth place «Ylenia Gandia Shore»And in the seventh simply« Ylenia ». Later, in position 14 appears «Labrador Gandia Shore». In addition, among the first five «Related Topics» Ylenia Padilla occupies a very prominent place.

These terms refer to searches made on Google in the last twelve months and are even ahead of the ferry to the Balearic Islands, hotels, restaurants, cinemas and even well above Pirata Rock, the pop-rock festival that was held in The city last July.

This phenomenon has an explanation. Ylenia Padilla and Labrador are two of Gandia Shore's best-known characters. Since participating in the program they have continued to be linked to television, with appearances in different reallities in which they star in controversial scenes, dialectical confrontations and situations that feed the television show and, in turn, increase their chances of continuing to appear in the screen.

It is likely that the number of searches on Google are due to its appearance in this type of television spaces. The peak of searches of these characters occurs between the end of 2018 and the month of February this year. Surely because at that time they were in one of these spaces and they talked about them.

They are not searches directly related to the city of Gandia but it demonstrates the way in which the program linked the name of the city to a lifestyle and tourism that is nothing like what the government of Gandia currently wants to sell.

In another tool that tracks the most searched terms on the internet, "Answer the public", the situation is very similar. It is noteworthy that among the most sought after regarding Gandia there are still issues such as "When Gandia Shore is issued", "What is Gandia Shore" or "Who won Gandia Shore", among other related terms.

In recent years, the City of Gandia has endeavored to implement, promote and promote the so-called Smart Tourism. One of the legs of this concept is the so-called "big data" and, especially, the positioning of the city at the level of search engines. The mayor, Diana Morant, in the Comunica2 of 2018 announced agreements with several digital platforms aimed, precisely, to reposition the image of Gandia to separate it from terms such as “party”, “drunkenness” or “nightlife” and relate it to issues that They have to do with quality tourism. At the moment, the television monster is still too powerful.

Difference with other destinations

If you analyze searches that have to do with different destinations, it is verified that the efforts to position them have paid off. Do not go so far. Tavernes de la Valldigna, for example, places the searches of its three great festivals in first position in the last twelve months. Another theme that appears highlighted is the Volta a Peu that is celebrated in summer, that is, a sporting event. In the case of Gandia there are no races, although several important tests are held throughout the year.

In Benidorm, for example, the five most searched terms have to do with festivals or musical performances. The first, for example, is Beret, a successful singer, while the Reggaetton Beach Festival is placed in second, third and fifth.

It is necessary to be clear that these are search statistics made last year. In the last month, for example, the Fira i Festes de Gandia triumphs, which takes the top positions in searches or the Ican, which is a triathlon sports event. Although also featured again "Ylenia Gandia Shore" in those positions.

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