Goat Timur: Death of a Russian hero


Because of his friendship with a tiger, the goat Timur was world famous. Now he died in the presence of the zoo doctors in the zoo of Vladivostok. An obituary.

The story begins in 2015, and it begins archaic. In the zoo of Vladivostok the Siberian tiger Amur is to be thrown a goat for food. (Whether the buck, who should gain world fame a little later, already bears the name Timur at this time, is not guaranteed.) But Timur does not even think to submit so easily to his fate. Proud and fearless, he meets the mighty predator – and is successful. Instead of eating Timur, the tiger offers the goat a shelter in its enclosure and a little later friendship.

An animal friendship as a media spectacle

For months, the two are inseparable. They eat, play and sleep together. Amur even tries to teach Timur to hunt. The media rush to the found (and lively) food, the two become stars in Russia and beyond.

But then the disagreement of the unequal couple. Timur was Amur's last bit on the nerves, have constantly pissed him, reports the zoo director. Whether with the intention to hurt him seriously, or simply in the affect: In any case, the tiger stretches the goat with a Prankenschlag, which then also crashes unhappily from a cliff. Bones break, blood flows. Russia is shocked.

Treatment by experts

Shortly thereafter Timur, whose wounds have become infected in the meantime, flew with flight SU1703 from Vladivostok to Moscow, where specialists take care of him. Bone chips are removed, Timur examined in the computer tomograph. It costs a lot of money – but the zoo thinks he deserves it. For a long time the friendship of Timur and Amur has become a bubbling source of money for the zoo. Thousands of them were pilgrimaged to the zoo, the portrait of the two decorated cups, key fobs and computer accessories.

Happy life

And – Timur's rescue succeeds. He recovers and eventually returns to Vladivostok as a hero. There, a partner is put into the enclosure, named Mrs. Merkel (That's no joke!). The two live happily and have several offspring.

And Amur? He also gets someone new in his enclosure. This time, however, someone who knows how to defend themselves in doubt: a tiger lady named Ussuri.

Now, after the news of death, many Russians express their grief in online networks. "Courageous Timur, you will stay in our hearts forever," is one of the comments. What exactly the goat died of is unclear – but probably it was the long-term consequences of Amur's attack.

A monument to the Russian hero

The urn with Timur's ashes is now to be buried in the zoo. In addition, a bronze statue to remember this special Russian hero.

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