Guarello comes to the step: "The bars are not valid interlocutors of the social movement, if they take hold of shots"


Juan Cristobal Guarello He raised his voice again in the midst of the social outbreak that the country is experiencing and launched its discharges against the bars of Chilean football, which have taken center stage in the midst of the protests, seeing themselves together in coexistence.

The journalist of Radio ADN spoke about the announcement of a boycott threatened by the fans of Colo Colo and the U, among others, when the championships resume.

“The white bars are not valid interlocutors because they have no democratic structures. Who chooses the leader of a bar? ”, Guarello said in Los Tenores.

He added bluntly that “Do not come to talk about joining bars if they are shot by being from opposing teams, or hit and stab at fans. Here there is a very great hypocrisy. ”

He stated that “The bar is a fan of the bar. Give players an alternative to survive. They are preventing players from eating. ”

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