"He waited for me to nurse and listen to everything," says a victim


"Pain" and a "furious urge to urinate". After the outbreak of the diuretic intoxication case at the Ministry of Culture, to which Release has devoted a long investigation, a woman claiming to be a victim testified on the set of BFMTV this Friday night. Her name is Alyzee, and she was 22 years old when she crossed paths with this man in 2011, when she had been on a work-study contract for nine months.

"I did not work directly with him but he asked me for an end-of-course interview, he offered me a coffee, which I accepted, we talked for an hour, and at first he was more concerned by his phone than by what I told him, then, at a certain moment, I felt pains and a furious urge to urinate, I had a cold sweat, I ended up saying that I go to the bathroom, he came with me, he went with me to the bathroom and waited for me to urinate, he listened to everything, I came out relieved but very embarrassed by what had just happened " said Alyzee.

"The photograph"

According to the newspaper, this former deputy director of human resources policies first poured a diuretic into a hot drink, which he usually offered to candidates for positions in the ministry. He isolated his victims to urge them to urinate in front of him and recorded them in an Excel file entitled "Experiments", with details and photographs. Returning from the toilet, Alyzee resumed the interview.

"Once again, he got on his phone and I went out and debriefed my colleagues by omitting the toilet episode because I was so ashamed, I told them he was constantly on his cell phone. They did not seem surprised, they told me that it was normal and that he was taking pictures of women's legs, that everyone called him 'the photographer'. beware and that it was a pervert, "detailed the young woman who lodged a complaint.

In all, 200 women have been victims of this man between 2009 and 2018, photographed and addicted to diuretics without their knowledge. It took nine years before this former deputy director of human resources policies was stopped. On June 15, 2018, at the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of the Grand Est region, he was caught in the act of photographing "discreetly" the legs of a sub-prefect of Moselle. He is suspended in October and then dismissed in January 2019.

"I would have liked to be stopped before," he told the daily, acknowledging for his part to have intoxicated "ten or twenty" women. This case, revealed last May by The chained Duck, is "completely crazy", reacted Friday the Minister of Culture, Franck Riester on Europe 1, pointing the actions of a "pervert".

His hierarchy implicated

Placed under judicial control, the man was indicted for "administration of harmful substance", "sexual assault by person abusing the authority conferred by his function", "undermining the privacy of privacy by fixing "image", "violence by a person in charge of public service mission" and "violation of the legislation on drugs", according to a judicial source to AFP. A judicial inquiry was opened on October 24, 2019 by the Paris public prosecutor's office. He has since been removed from the public service.

"As soon as the ministry has seen reports of its agents, it has initiated actions with the prosecutor of the Republic.That is why a judicial process is under way," said the Ministry of Culture.

But for Alyzee, doubt remains. According to her, the suspect's superiors knew about it and remained silent. "I am convinced that the hierarchy knew it was coming up from all sides, in this situation we are talking about it at the occupational medicine, at the HR … But here the problem is that he held the HR function. I can not believe that her hierarchy was not aware, "she said, skeptical.

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