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Since he was posted (December 2015), Patrick Fischer has always advocated total commitment for the Swiss team. Thus, deserters are not tolerated. "I'm assuming that if you're healthy and the convocation comes, you come, schematizes the national coach. I can not understand that some guys are deciding a selection for no good reason. "In view of the world championship in Switzerland, Patrick Fischer has already announced that he will give up five players, including two NHL players: In the past, Denis Malgin, Dean Kukan, Dominik Schlumpf, Fabrice Herzog and Simon Bodenmann did not show up after being selected. The rules are clear and they will not be there at the world championship in Switzerland. "

This decision sprang up at the 2013 World Cup, when he was Sean Simpson's assistant in Sweden. "We had to face many defections, he recalls. In these conditions, it is difficult to compose a team with players who are only half invested. This tournament was founder, because the guys present had been fully involved. In the locker room, I need 25 fully invested players and not every other year. "Will the" banished "have a chance to return to grace? "We will take stock after the world championship in Switzerland," explains Patrick Fischer. For now, it's not a theme anymore. "

Lars Weibel, National Team Director, supports the decision of the national coach. "I take the example of Simon Moser, details the former guard. He had a child after long play-offs. He still wanted to be present at the world championship. That's what we need. "Patrick Fischer puts another element in the spotlight: Nino Niederreiter:" In the last world, he came after playing three sets of play-off, he appreciates. When we know the implication that it takes to play a full season in NHL, I find it admirable that he responded favorably. For him and Roman Josi, the question never arises. They finished the season and are in shape? They are coming. That's the kind of mentality we need. "

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