"I said 'are you crazy?'" Yanina Screpante told a strong story about Pocho Lavezzi!


The panel of "Incorrect" told a hard personal moment with the player

This week, Sofia Zamolo is replacing Moria Casan and it is she who keeps up with the program. This time he was in charge of telling how his love affair with Pocho Lavezzi was Yanina Screpante. For eight years they were a couple and went through several complicated situations until they made the decision to move away definitively.

"You who were in a relationship with Pocho for many years, the fact of following a soccer star that goes all over the world, has a lot of girls that are given to him … is there anything toxic to depend a lot on the other, on follow him in everything and let him be the star? ”Zamolo wanted to know about the bond they had for so long.

“No, that's not because when I met him, although he was an important footballer, I didn't even know who he was. At that time I worked in the middle, in parades and was already known but at first I was a little jealous, ”he said about the conflictive relationship with which they began. But that was not all the model told since there were several facts that drove them away.

In addition, the former Pocho gave details of the situations that made her uncomfortable: “You saw that in the parades you are naked. And it was ‘you can see the bombshell’ and I have no idea. The jeans were worn and you crouched and you could see the thong. For me, the one who looks at me is his problem, ”he remarked about the differences in positions that existed between one and the other in terms of freedom in the couple.

In addition several times he got to bother her with his comments. “He told me‘ you want to warm up (my friend) ’and I answered‘ how can a friend of yours be thinking that I want to seduce him? ’ Or over there he told me ‘you like it and that person was a friend of him and I was a close friend of his wife’. Then I said ‘but are you crazy? '” He closed, while his companions listened attentively.

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