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The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, announced Tuesday that he had a conversation with Donald Trump, who assured that the Mexican government institutions act to do justice, after the attack against the LeBaron family, which left a balance of Nine dead.

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On his Twitter account, Lopez Obrador said that through the US president, Donald Trump, he sent his deepest condolences to the family and friends of those who were killed in the limits of Chihuahua and Sonora.

He said that in the telephone conversation he had Tuesday with his American counterpart, he thanked him for his willingness for the support offered in this case.

Institutions in Mexico act for justice, AMLO tells Trump
AMLO published an image of the moment he spoke with Donald Trump. (@lopezobrador_)

AMLO published an image of the moment he spoke with Donald Trump. (@lopezobrador_)

According to federal authorities, the attack on Monday against the LeBaron family left a balance of nine dead, three women and six minors, as well as injured children and a minor unharmed.

For his part, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, expressed his support for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, in a phone call they sustained on Tuesday, after the murder of nine members of the LeBaron family.

The federal official said that Lopez Obrador already spoke with his American counterpart and that in the conversation sympathy was given for the death of the Mexican-American families, in addition to the Mexican president thanked the support offered by Trump, although he indicated that it is not required.

AMLO lamented the attack on the LeBaron family

During his morning conference on Tuesday, the federal president addressed the case of the attack on the LeBaron family, which left three women and six children dead, as well as six injured children.

I send condolences, a hug to the whole family and to the families of the victims. It is an unfortunate misfortune, because innocent children lose their lives, what is going to be done, it is our obligation to stop the guilty and there will be justice, ”said Lopez Obrador.

While the dialogue with the media was going on, the president of the United States wrote on Twitter about the attack and offered his help to end the "monsters" in reference to drug traffickers, if Mexico asked for it.

A wonderful family and friends from Utah were caught between two vicious drug cartels, which shot at each other. Many Americans were killed, including small and some missing. ”

If Mexico needs or requests help to clean up these monsters, the United States is ready, willing and able to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively (…) the posters have become so large and powerful that sometimes an army is needed to defeat an army, ”Trump wrote.

However, Lopez Obrador said that his administration is not in favor of "that way of thinking", because war is not part of his convictions.

In that we do not agree. Of course, those who have that way of thinking, they are respected, but it does not agree with our convictions, the worst thing there can be is war, ”said the federal president.

Those who have suffered a war know what that means, it is also the opposite of politics; I said that politics was invented to avoid war. War is synonymous with irrationality. We are for peace and that is a characteristic of this government, ”he emphasized.

The federal president said that facing belligerently the criminal groups did not work in other administrations and those who set that strategy in motion should make “flat” in which they repeat the phrase 100 times: “we declared war and it did not work. We mourn the people of Mexico. ”

It is not an option, that strategy failed, we will not give in to that. Imagine putting on a vest and (say) let's go to raze, to slaughter, to give the order as they did. ”

Lopez Obrador thanked the support offered by the US president, but stressed that addressing violence is the responsibility of Mexico.

In relations between Mexico and the United States there is cooperation; however, it is an issue that belongs to us, to the Mexican government, independently, and asserting our sovereignty. We thank President Trump and any government that wants to cooperate, ”he said.

During the conference he urged to wait for investigations and not to advance hypotheses or conjecture.

LeBaron family has federal protection, confirms SSPC

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