Judicial nod to low cost flights from El Palomar


The Federal Oral Court of San Martin dismissed a request for recusal so it will continue to understand the cause that analyzes the appeal to the restrictions on night operations set by federal judge Martina Forns, judicial sources reported today.

Since last September 26, a restriction on operations that prevents arrivals and takeoffs between 22 and 7 of the following day has been in force in El Palomar, according to the right of rest of the residents of the area, according to the magistrate's ruling.

The San Martin TOF rejected the challenge and the cases filed by lawyer Lucas Marisi, who filed a complaint that determined the restriction at night. This court sanctioned the lawyer and made a wake-up call with communication to the Bar Association.

The measure that had been filed resulted in the cancellation of five air routes connecting Mendoza with Iguazu, Neuquen and Tucuman, and Cordoba with Tucuman and Neuquen, in addition to reprogramming and frequency cuts to 13 national and international destinations, so It is estimated that an estimated total of 39,000 passengers were affected during the last month, according to airport sources.

The companies that operate in the airstation -JetSmart and FlyBondi-had to make changes in their schedules, altering frequencies and schedules and canceling routes that linked cities in Argentina.

In October JetSmart and Flybondi lost 15% of their passengers, according to data provided by aeronautical authorities collected until the 21st of this month.
In the case of FlyBondi, they compare October with the same month last year; while JetSmart does it with last September.

The National Civil Aviation Administration (Anac) appealed the judge's decision and presented reports of the sound study carried out before the implementation of the time restriction that indicates that there is no noise pollution at the El Palomar airport in the strip from 22 to 7 hours .

This report was added to the 15 monthly studies with 24-hour measurements that were presented since May 2018, and concludes that all the noise generated by the air activity does not exceed the limits set as fit by the International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO).

Anac sources told Telam that the restrictive measure jeopardizes the investment and expansion plans of the two companies that offer more options to fly and generated new direct and indirect jobs in the aeronautical and tourism sector.

Both airlines employ more than 800 people and the airport's activity generates approximately 800 direct local jobs.


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