Landsberg / Bavaria: Man dies in an accident – passers-by find him seven days later


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In Upper Bavaria walkers made a cruel discovery: They found an injured man in his car. He was already dead for seven days.

Fuchstal – Tragic news from Upper Bavaria: A 45-year-old man had a fatal accident in his car – but only seven days later his body was discovered by accident. This confirmed a police spokesman for dpa on Wednesday.

Niederbayern: Man accident with car – body discovered only a week later

Presumably against 18 clock last Monday, the Daimler driver came at Fuchstal (Landkreis Landsberg am Lech) with his car – from previously unresolved cause – in a long left turn from the left lane. This reports

Landberg am Lech: Motorists crashed down the slope – and died in the car

Then he crashed his car about ten yards down a slope and bounced against several trees – before the car finally came to a halt. The 45-year-old died in the wreckage of his vehicle. Problematic: The location of the terrible accident is difficult to see even from a nearby dirt road.

Only two weeks later, two strollers happened to meet the lifeless man in the car. Any help came too late for the victim at the time: alarmed rescue workers could only determine the death of the 45-year-old.

Also in the Bavarian Gauting occurred recently a tragic accident – with fatal consequences: A man was seized on the tracks by a rapid-transit railway. The investigations are ongoing. On the A8 in the direction of Salzburg HOhe Irschenberg, there was also a bad accident on Tuesday morning when a truck overturned. In an accident between an Audi and a scooter driver at Anzing the driver left the deadly injured at the scene of the accident – and fled unrecognized. Now the police are looking for him.

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