Landshut / Bavaria: Police in front of puzzles – 19-year-old found on the street at night – critically injured


A 19-year-old with life-threatening injuries was found in Landshut (icon image).

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A 19-year-old with life-threatening injuries was found in Landshut. She still could not explain what had happened.

Landshut – A life-threatening injured 19-year-old woman who was found on a street in Landshut, the police has been a mystery. The investigators could exclude neither a traffic accident, a fall nor a third-party intervention, said a spokesman on Tuesday.

Life-threatening injured 19-year-old found on the street – causes unclear

At first the young woman could not be interrogated. An acquaintance had called the police shortly after midnight to the 19-year-olds. She came to a hospital.

The press release of the police of Lower Bavaria shows that the young woman was found around 00.40 o'clock. Police and rescue workers had been called to an alleged traffic accident.

Injured young woman in Landshut: Criminal police investigated

However, it is not yet clear that an accident is the cause of the serious injury to the young woman. Currently, the criminal investigation department. The Institute of Legal Medicine of the University of Munich is also working to clarify the case.

The police call witnesses: "Who has today (29.10.2019), between 00.15 o'clock to approximately 00.45 o'clock in the Schwimmschulstrasse / Luitpoldstraße suspected observations, in particular possible disputes or noises, the u. May come from a traffic accident, or a traffic accident observed? "Relevant information can be given to the Criminal Investigation Inspectorate Landshut (Phone: 0871 – 92520).

Investigators were also mystified by a case in Burglengenfeld. At first, an employee discovered a pool of blood on the company railing of a freight forwarder. A cruel discovery came in Fuchstal (Upper Bavaria). One man died and remained undetected for seven days.

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