Latin America paraded in Holguin


In October, specifically its 25th day, entire Latin America fits into a country, a city, a square that bears his name. There is the Ibero-American Culture Festival in Holguin and on that day, Pasacalle. The artists and guests at the event parade to offer a brushstroke of their proposals that the public can later enjoy on various stages, between October 24 and 30.

The event was opened by the actors of the project of living statues “Ojos”, from Santiago de Cuba, who “guarded” the stage once again, as well as the Block of the Flags of the peoples of the region, supported by students of the Formation School of Teachers Jose Marti.


The Hispanic root was the best represented in this XXV edition of the Fiesta. Flamenco dance academies in the city of Holguin such as Alas, Renacer, Encuentro and the Spanish Ballet; the Galician Community of this territory and the also Flemish company Andarte, of Camaguey, participated in the Pasacalle. They were joined by the voices of Kiko and Sara, a popular duet from Cadiz, Spain, who will share the stage with the Cuban Karamba group at the Eddy Sunol Theater, this October 26.


From Mexico came, for the second time, soloist Ivette Rios, who shared a song by Cuban composer Mauricio Figueral. The Aztec nation was also represented by singer-songwriter Hito Garcia, who paid tribute to the missing Jose Jose.

The music of Costa Rica was heard in Holguin in the voices of the 3 cc group, composed of three Cubans who have been living in this Central American nation for 20 years. For its part, Haiti was on the vocal and guitar strings of the young Juanito Luis Pascal. The open work of a choir of South African students in Cuba was appreciated on the day.

The work of artistic education in the province of Holguin was reflected in the performance of dance students from the Raul Gomez Garcia Elementary School of Art, and the participation of students from the regional Academy of Plastic Arts El Alba.

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The results of the work with the amateur artists movement, through the instructors of the Manuel Dositeo Aguilera House of Culture, were patented with the passage of the Danzon Club's grandmothers and the waltz of the Recycle Project, beautiful and applauded proposal, where changing rooms for girls made of nylon were exhibited.

The holguineras performing arts paraded in the style of the Teatro Guinol, the Alas Buenas Theater and the La Campana Company, the kings of the rumba in the territory. The Provincial Concert Band, the Bayado Winemakers Club, the Mariachi Holguin and the Colmenita Renacer were also among the guests.

They brightened up the day the female septet Kumbaya, whose performance was followed by the Cacoyuguin group, which accompanied Emiliano Sardinas, the improvising poet, representing the Cuban point.

The call to sign the book as a sign of international solidarity for the release of former Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva was held at the closing of the Pasacalle, which concluded musically with the performance of the Copper Steel Band.

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