Libyan concentration camps, now the Democratic Party is doing well. Shameful hypocrisy: the very ones who attacked Matteo Salvini


In three days the automatic renewal of the agreement with the Libya will force thousands of migrants to remain in the centers lager of the country. He writes it Republic that attacks the Libyan government of al Serraj to block humanitarian ships: "Before making bailouts, ask for permission".

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The Government of With you, supported by Pd, will continue for the next three years to pay Libya to do the dirty work that the Europe of which it is a part considers illegitimate (at least in words) – writes Alessandra Ziniti – and above all against the respect for human rights that were so dear to the party democratic. In the first Conte government, when the Interior Ministry was there Matteo Salvini the leaders of the Democratic Party heavily criticized the Northern League exponent for having sought agreements with Libyan institutions. When they returned to the government, they did not change the same agreements that they contested when they were in opposition.

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