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Executioner of Niort (4-1), Lorient recovers provisionally the first place of Ligue 2, when Sochaux is invited on the podium thanks to his success against Le Havre, victim of an injury of Tino Kadewere (2-0). In the bottom of the table, the new Orleans red lantern makes a face following its defeat at home against Paris FC (0-1), while Chateauroux wins the fight against Valenciennes (0-1).

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         <h2 class="article_intertitre"><span title="Valenciennes Fc" style="background-image:url(https://www.sofoot.com/IMG/clubs/square-valenciennes-fc-140.png)" class="blason-equipe"><img data-src="https://www.sofoot.com/IMG/clubs/square-valenciennes-fc-140.png"/></span>  Valenciennes 0-1 Chateauroux <span title="La Berrichonne De Chateauroux" style="background-image:url(https://www.sofoot.com/IMG/clubs/square-la-berrichonne-de-chateauroux-130.png)" class="blason-equipe"><img data-src="https://www.sofoot.com/IMG/clubs/square-la-berrichonne-de-chateauroux-130.png"/></span></h2><i>Goal: Diarra (86<sup>e</sup>)</i> <p>Between the two less prolific Ligue 2 teams with respectively seven and five goals scored since the start of the championship, there was not enough to expect an epic match. Practice has come to give reason to statistics, since the first period offers especially a huge lack of Teddy Chevalier alone against the goal of the Berri despite the good center of Baptiste Guillaume. Reduced to ten before the break, Valenciennes can not make a difference and is alone in difficulty. Fortunately, in front, Chateauroux is not hyper inspired in offensive matters despite an attempt by Christopher Operi. But by dint of going back, Valenciennes will end up cracking on a scramble punctuated closely by Sinamary Diarra. This is a snatching victory for the Berrichons who settle in the sixteenth place of Ligue 2, while Guillaume and Vanbaleghem leave the field after a collective scramble. Phew. 

Score from the match: 13/20, as the number in the back of Julien Masson, expelled in the first period for a tackle at full speed at the knee.

Orleans 0-1 Paris FC

Purpose: Bamba (2e)

It's a fact: Jeremy Menez likes to distill caviars on a corner since his arrival at Paris FC. Author of his second assist of the season from the beginning of the meeting to allow Alex to adjust Thomas Renault a nice cross head, Paris gives himself a little air. As a reaction, Orleans also reacts by kick set, but the head of Cedric Cambon found the crossbar Anthony Maisonnial before coming out. Obviously, luck has chosen his side and it is not the Orleanais who rejoice, especially as Maisonnial achieves a second exemplary period with two decisive stops to allow Paris to take the three points and leave the area. relegation. At the end of the match, Menez misses his face-to-face with Renault, but it remains inconsequential. As Jacques Dutronc said so well, Paris is waking up.

Score from the match: 12/20, as the number of points of Paris FC, nineteenth in the standings.

Chambly 0-1 Clermont

Purpose: Augier (55e)

A ghost match. That's what Chambly and Clermont have proposed tonight at the Charlety stadium. Relocated to Paris pending the compliance of their Marais stadium, Camblysiens offer themselves a huge arena to accommodate … about 150 spectators. Glaucous, this meeting does not generate many opportunities in the first half, and Chambly seems above all to be content to keep his clean sheet after conceding five goals in the previous day. This will be less the case in the second half, as Sebastien Flochon finds the pole of Maxime Dupe on a strike from a center back. A few minutes later, it is Florent Augier who takes an Auvergnat corner to put his team ahead and drive a little more Chambly in the depths of Ligue 2.

Score from the match: 1/20, as the number of helicopters passed over the stadium during the game.

Auxerre 1-1 Caen

Goals: Oniangue (47e) for Caen / Dugimont (73e) for AJA

In Auxerre, there was the need to regain confidence after conceding a painful defeat in the previous day. But at Abbe-Deschamps, Auxerrois will face a team of Caen in full confidence after the arrival of Pascal Dupraz on the bench with two wins and two draws. Result: Caen waiting his time, then spike of entry of second period on a corner hit by Jessy Pi and a smashed head of Prince Oniangue to deceive Mathieu Michel. With his captain, Stade Malherbe Caen takes the lead, but fails to hold the score. Whose fault is it ? To Remy Dugimont, perfectly served to deflect the ball from the head to the first post on a corner from Michael Barreto. A ball everywhere in the center, and everyone at home.

Score from the match: 5/20, like the temperature in Auxerre to welcome his evening host.

Lorient 4-1 Niort

Goals: CSC (5e), Hamel (8e sp, 25e) and Wissa (34e) // Sissoko (29e) for Niort

This is a match that was quick to make his verdict. From the start, the goalkeeper Quentin Braat, replacing Saturnin Allagbe at the moment, scored a goal against his camp on a center from the right of Laurent Abergel. A blow that calls for another, since the tackle of Da Costa on Yoane Wissa causes a penalty for the Merlus, transformed by Pierre-Yves Hamel without trembling. In the ropes, Chamois are close to definitely sink on two new clear actions missed by Hamel and Sylvain Marveaux. Too weak, Niort cash a third goal signed Hamel on a new center came from the right. With three goals behind, visitors are still able to return to the game thanks to their striker Ibrahim Sissoko. But the burst of pride will be short-lived: Yoane Wissa manages to plant a fourth banderilla in the backbone Niortaise after a … center came from the right. Five goals in thirty-four minutes, then the silence to bring Lorient at the head of League 2. In the Morbihan, the storm was short, but intense.

Score from the match: 25/20, like the minute when the suspense stopped in this match.

Nancy 0-0 Troyes

If Troyes had the opportunity to seize the place of leader in case of victory in Nancy, ESTAC was repelled by one man: Baptiste Valette, author of superb parades throughout the game as evidenced by his face -to-face won over Lenny Pintor. And when the goalkeeper Nancy is not on the ball, he can count on the slight delay of Yoan Touzghar to take over the center of Florian Tardieu just in front of the goal of the ASNL. Gradually, Nancy resurfaces and tries to catch the three points in the end of the match. Verdict? Nothing changes, and the two teams split on a draw and blank, despite the Trojan goal denied to Rayan Raveloson at the very last minute of the game for a very contentious offside.

Score from the match: 15/20, as the number of the quasi-hero of the meeting.

Sochaux 2-0 Le Havre

Goals: Toure (7e) and Rocchia (83e)

It was necessary to regain the victory for Sochaux in order to stay at the top of the table and ensure a fast maintenance, unlike last season. A message received perfectly by the men of Omar Daf, since their aggressive start allows them to open the scoring by Thomas Toure, the cleat to enjoy a rough error defensive Le Havre. Subsequently, Le Havre will try to return to the score: Jamal Thiare think equalize for the HAC, but his goal is denied for a very slight offside position. In the second half, Tino Kadewere's head grazes Maxence Prevost's post. To the courage, the Cubs manage to save the furniture in the image of a rescue on their line. At the end of the match, Christopher Rocchia closed the suspense and allowed his team to place temporarily in third place. Solid.

Match note: 71/10, like the minute that Tino Kadewere got hurt in the back of the thigh. Big blow coming hard for the top scorer in Ligue 2 …

Le Mans 0-0 Grenoble

At the MMArena stadium, Grenoble managed to tie a ninth unbeaten run with four wins and five draws. On the other hand, there was not much to put in the tooth in terms of show. In the first half, Jerome Mombris tries to pass the ball in a hole of mouse, but Pierre Patron makes sure to well close the angle of fire. Inspired, the porter lent by Clermont during the season makes a new parade in front of Jessy Benet, author of a beautiful fluttering cover. For his part, Le Mans will have the match point by Moussiti-Oko, but his shot finds the crossbar of Brice Maubleu. Le Mans flirts with the relegation zone in 17th place, while Grenoble is seventh.

Score from the match: 38/20, as the number of the department where most of the GF38 players will spend the rest of their weekend.

By Antoine Donnarieix


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