New Audi RS 3 (2020) caught for the first time


That the new edition of the Audi A3 is imminent, we already know. The VW Golf 8 will be presented this evening, Skoda Octavia number 4 will follow in November and the compact platform from Ingolstadt running on the same platform should also be due in the next few months. Where an A3 is, an S3 and an RS 3 are rarely far away. We have already seen the future S3 as ErlkOnig, but the new RS 3 is celebrating a photo premiere here.

The differences to the conventional A3 versions are relatively obvious. At the front of the RS 3 shows a huge honeycomb grill and significantly larger air intakes. In addition, we already see patch extensions on the front wheel arches. Like RS 6 and RS 7, the new RS 3 should also be well in the picture. The remaining performance upgrades are also typical of Audi sports: We recognize large wheels with a massive brake system and at the rear the two thick oval exhaust tailpipes, in the middle of which a rear diffuser widens.

The 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo from the current RS 3 should also be used in the new model. Audi recently presented the RS Q3 with this machine. There she makes 400 hp and 480 Nm. Whether there will be a few more horses for the RS 3 remains to be seen. We are also excited, whether the absolutely glorious sound of the unit survives the Otto particle filter halfway unscathed. As before, the power should go through a seven-speed dual clutch to all four wheels.

The prototype looks relatively advanced, which is why we think Audi will certainly introduce the new RS 3 in 2020. Probably next to the Sportback again as a sedan.

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