Piedmont calls for a state of emergency for bad weather. Two victims in the Alessandria area


A taxi driver missing since yesterday evening in the Alessandria area was found dead, struck in the last hours by a violent wave of bad weather. The sources of rescuers make it known.

The body of the man, who had left Genoa to conduct a client in the Serravalle area, was found in Capriata, Villa Carolina. The car was overwhelmed by the water of a stream that flooded. Instead, the client had already been found alive, a British representative who was on his way to a golf club.

Another tragedy has taken place in Strambino. Along the provincial road 81, an 81-year-old pensioner from Vische (Turin), Germano Costa, lost control of his car and ended up in the meadows overturning. He died instantly. Useless all the help. Injured his 76-year-old wife who was transported to the hospital in Ivrea. The dynamics of the accident is being examined by the Carabinieri of Strambino. The cause of the accident may have been the asphalt made slippery by the heavy rains of the last few hours.

Instead, the farmer dispersed with the tractor in Mormese, on the border between Novese and Ovadese, always in the Alessandria area, was found and given to the medical staff.

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Meanwhile, the Piedmontese prefecture has communicated that all the people are safe
that were missing in the Alessandria area. This is what emerges from the summit that took place in the presence of the head of civil protection, Angelo Borrelli.

During the night, in Capriata d’Orba, the Fire Brigade instead saved a Brazilian who had clung to a plant in the middle of the Orba stream, crossed by a tumultuous flow of water. At 2.30 the man was rescued and taken to the hospital in a state of hypothermia.

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In the Alessandria area there are mobile columns of civil protection volunteers from Turin, Novara, Vercelli and Asti. Among the most critical situations is that of the Gavi area, hit by landslides and flooding. 80 people were evacuated in Castelletto d’Orba, 40 in Gavi and 10 in Casalnoceto. A Bosio 700 people remained without water and 500 without electricity.

In Novi Ligure, a building has also been vacated and there have been severe disruptions at the San Giacomo hospital where firefighters and civil protection intervened. Flooded radiology and intensive care units on the ground floor.

Meanwhile, the Piedmont Region will request a state of emergency for the damage caused by bad weather in the last hours. This was announced by the president of the region, Alberto Cirio, in the prefecture of Alessandria to take stock of the situation. "When we count the damage, as well as make our hearts cry, we cannot leave alone mayors and private individuals, we need the State to exist", is the appeal of the Piedmontese governor.

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