Possible since Monday: Porsche now also sells cars online – Stuttgart


Stuttgart – The sports car manufacturer Porsche is now also selling its cars online, following the example of other manufacturers.

Since Monday, vehicles from the entire Porsche product range could be purchased not only directly from dealers but also on the Internet, a company spokeswoman said on Monday. Nationwide, all 88 Porsche dealers participated in the sales reform, it said. At first the "Automobilwoche" had reported.

The head of the German Porsche sales organization, Alexander Pollich, told the magazine: "We are thus responding to the needs of customers who are at home in the digital world." He assumes that in 2025 about ten percent of the Porsche Vehicles in Germany would be bought online. A spokeswoman added that there is no prognosis on how many cars it could be in the coming year.

The online offer should be rolled out across Europe in 2020, even in the US market is such a sales organization under construction, it said. Pollich said: "Online sales offer the opportunity to appeal to younger and more affluent customer groups."

Porsche follows with its step other manufacturers. For example, Daimler announced in the summer that it would revolutionize its sales and sell every fourth Mercedes new car online by 2025. The US automaker Tesla has been relying on the direct sale of its vehicles on the Internet for a long time.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had earlier this year, plans show that the sales even completely on online sales to be converted.

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