President of Millionaires confirmed the reinforcements he wants for 2020


"We need a player who has the personality so that on the playing field ‘send the troops and that is sometimes difficult to achieve, we want someone with that temperament, ”he said first.

Of interest: President of Millionaires discarded technician who sounded to replace Pinto

Later he pointed out other areas of the field to reinforce: “We want to strengthen the defense and the creative zone, we are starting to look for names. Obviously it is not easy, but we will do it with all the calm and prudence: waiting for the technician to arrive, address that issue. ”

And he closed talking about the money available in Millionaires for reinforcement: “We have a budget, It is a team that is worth 2 billion pesos a month; we will not download, let's keep that up. We will continue to maintain a good base, in the second half we invest because the Millionaire investor wants a long-term project, ”he said.

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