Soundings finished, coalition talks not yet fixed


On Monday, they would then – with the decision of the green EBV in the back – to take the next steps.

The most likely scenario: Kogler and the Greens are opting for further talks, and the OVP is officially offering coalition negotiations to the Greens.

New structure of ministries

That green and OVP have already negotiated on the exact distribution of ministries, as has been assumed in various media for days, reject both the party leaders and their staffs decidedly.

It is certain that a possible turquoise-green Federal government with a new, because demonstratively innovative, ministry structure would have to go public.

Willi wants the green Ministry of Finance

The truth is that in the party and publicly authoritative representatives of the Greens have deposited that the environmental policy in terms of both finances and content becomes a key issue.

It is no coincidence that the party-internal important Innsbruck mayor Georg Willi asked in an interview that the Greens must get the finance department, because only with a new and smarter tax system sustainable ecology policy can be made.

"New Narrative"

For the OVP is the abandonment of the financial department unthinkable. Nevertheless, one prefers – at present – a coalition with the Greens. Provided you find a "completely new narrative," as an insider tells.

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