Sport Boys, Deportivo Municipal and San Martin: one of the three will go down and the fight is difficult Peruvian Soccer


Fighting to maintain the category is a football player's nightmare. Sebastian Penco (Sport boys), Fabricio Cabrera (Municipal) and Joffre Escobar (San Martin) they live it in their own flesh months ago. Now that the table was pressed (‘Muni’ lost 2 points) nothing is defined.

The three teams won titles, but today they fight down and maybe one will leave. How do they handle it?

FC: No one wants to descend, it would not be good for each player's curriculum. ‘Muni’ is thinking about the three games that remain. We hope to win Pirate.

SP: The good thing is that Boys depends on himself. We have to start winning and have them kill each other on the next date.

JE: In the case of San Martin we have three games in Lima.

Whoever makes the least mistakes will be saved. Do they dare to promise something if they are saved?

JE: I'd rather not do it. Just tell those who are going to support us to keep doing it.

SP: The only thing one can promise is that if you save you can dye your head pink. People know the effort we make. Let's go for that dream.

FC: As ‘Sebas says, you can promise sacrifice or surrender, but not that you're going to stay in First.

How do they take that ‘Muni’ had two points taken away?

SP: I found out about the ‘whatsapp’ group we have. The goal remains the same, winning and not depending on anyone.

FC: We can save these three matches, but it is complicated.

JE: Same ‘Muni’ has one more point. We have to leave with the same conviction.

What to say to their fans or those who follow them?

JE: That the group is committed and that each match is going to be a final.

FC: Tell the fans of ‘Muni’ to keep going, as in Huacho and El Nacional.

SP: That people continue to trust and support. We know that they are going to travel to Huanuco and Huancayo and that is important. We within the field are going to kill us.

Penco, Cabrera and Escobar know they are in a race and they will kill to save themselves.

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