the regional chamber of accounts squanders the city hall of Marseille


The CRC points to a series of real estate transactions carried out "under questionable regularity conditions" and "at a price that is not sufficiently valued".

From the working time of municipal officers to the state of schools, through a financial situation "Worrying", the regional chamber of accounts (CRC) quails the management of the city of Marseille in two reports consulted by AFP Friday, November 8, and to be published at the city council of November 25.

Over nearly 700 pages, the financial institution has been studying the management of Marseille since 2012 and concludes that "the difficulties encountered by the city have as a common origin a lack of clear strategy and insufficient management of its actions, also not very economical public funds".

The Chamber devotes an entire report to the staff costs, on which the National Public Prosecutor's Office has been investigating for several months. "The insufficient working time has represented each year, between 2012 and 2017, nearly 12 million euros of expenditure and the equivalent of nearly 300 agents", point especially the report. A series of personal situations "Illegal" are noted, up in the cabinet of the mayor, Jean-Claude Gaudin (The Republicans).

Retirement management also appears "for the least expensive" in the eyes of the CRC. She regrets that, on the one hand, "the mayor of Marseille favors for some agents the illegal maintenance in functions beyond the legal age of departure" and that, on the other hand, it more than compensates for the departure of the others, with two hires for a retirement.

"The additional cost induced by this mismanagement of departures, coupled with a lack of compliance with the law, is estimated at nearly 61 million euros between 2012 and 2017"in a city marked by severe poverty and whose "financial situation remains worrying". Compared to the number of inhabitants, the cost of Marseille's 12,000 municipal workers is, however, lower than in other comparable cities, but judges are tempered.

The CRC also details a series of real estate transactions "in questionable conditions of regularity" and "at a price insufficiently valued". Published one year after the death of eight people in the collapse of two degraded buildings in the heart of the city, the report complains that the city does not know enough the real state of its buildings. He added that the municipality's response to the dilapidated state of dozens of schools "not up to the challenges".

In his replies to the financial magistrates, appended to the report, Jean-Claude Gaudin, who announced that he would not run again after twenty-five years in office, deplores "negative judgments delivered in a few lines, neither founded nor even less demonstrated".

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