This is how the change feels after 10 days


GIGA editor Stefan has been using an iPhone 8 for the last two years and has now switched to the iPhone 11 Pro for testing purposes. Here are his experiences and first impressions of Apple's latest top smartphone. Is it good enough to justify a change? Update: Addendum, 10 days after the change.

From the iPhone 8 to the iPhone 11 Pro: This is how the change feels after 10 days

Supplement from 21.10.2019: Meanwhile, I could use iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 Pro for 10 days in direct comparison. Therefore, I complete this report to the points battery life and camera, because there's a few new findings.

Addendum after 10 days: battery life and camera

My iPhone 8 usually makes it from getting up to going to bed on a single charge. The iPhone 11 Pro is, as you might expect, more enduring, but also a bit more complicated. Specifically: I have a running time of 48 hours (Saturday 9 clock to Monday 9 clock) with a load and "normal" use achieved – a very good value I think, especially because energy-intensive tasks such as airplay and video footage were there. The OLED screen was activated for a total of 6.5 hours, the "Darkmode" was set to "automatic". The standby endurance has always been outstanding in iPhones, which is again exemplary in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro: If the cell phone is barely or not touched, the battery empties into super slow motion. Conclusion Battery life: The iPhone 11 Pro runs much longer than the iPhone 8 – even taking into account that the 8-battery has been two years behind. A 24-hour day is guaranteed! more synonymous, but then with moderate use and optimizations (dark mode, economy mode).

The camera The iPhone 11 Pro is in the trade press as the best ever, which can be found in smartphones at the moment – I agree with this assessment. Two aspects would like to mention. First, the iPhone 8 tends to have warm colors and "overshadowing" bright areas. Here to see the example "Photo by artificial light"where the iPhone 8 reflects the ceiling lighting to yellowish and makes a big "spot" out of the cone of light. The iPhone 11 Pro stays much closer to the real situation and better reflects details (structure of the ceiling):

The second aspect is the image stabilization when filming: With the iPhone 11 Pro I could run out of one hand videos Turn, look as smooth as if I had used a gimbal. The stabilization is outstanding, in addition, sharpness, light and colors are great. The actually quite good iPhone 8 is clearly beaten in the area of ​​video of the new generation – there is the change with a clear added value, no question. It is quite possible that I now record more videos than was previously the case.

Original article:

Here the original article, which reflects the impressions and experiences from the first two days:

iPhone 11 Pro instead of iPhone 8: review after two days

Hand on heart: The first hours with a brand new iPhone are always great. All the technical improvements, the different feeling in the hand – no wonder there are still a few persistent campers in front of the Apple stores, when there are new models in the fall. I got my privately used iPhone 8 right after the show in 2017 (without camping) and have been happy with it ever since.

But as it happens, many mobile phone contracts are currently closed, which were closed at this time and it opens up the "opportunity" to switch to the current generation. Here would be the attractively priced positioned iPhone 11 (RRP 849 euros) in question. With a view to the more compact case and the triple camera, many consider the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro (RRP € 1,149). From 8 to 11 pro – I've made a few notes about that.

1. The design

Overall, I like the simpler design of the iPhone 8 better than the iPhone 11 Pro. This does not look bad, but there are three lenses on the back and a notch (front panel cut) – this is technical progress at the expense of design. Luckily, Apple continues to make an arc around brightly colored backsides and aesthetically questionable cooperations. Nice on the iPhone 11 Pro: The perfected curves of the OLED display (outside and on Notch), as they were introduced by the iPhone X (2017). "Visually appealing," says industry designer Sarang Sheth in a geometric analysis. Yes, he is right.

2. The case

Slightly larger, a bit heavier – the iPhone 11 Pro is not a huge leap compared to the iPhone 8 in terms of size and weight. Personally, however, the iPhone 8 was a touch too heavy, that will not be better with the new model. Well, that's just the price for the elegant glass trend of recent years. In addition, Apple has probably heard the demands of many iPhone users: Instead of the thinnest possible cases better running times (greater battery + efficiency) are more important – I agree. But airy-light as the once top model iPhone 6 – of which the handling of the iPhone 11 Pro has come a long way. At least it is quite balanced in the hand, even with Case.

If you want to see the iPhone 11 Pro in detail, you can do it here:

iPhone 11 Pro under the magnifying glass: This is what the Apple smartphone looks like.

3. The operation

As a fan of Homebuttons I was skeptical in advance, if face ID and swipe gestures really can be an adequate substitute for a undoubtedly proven feature. That skepticism was swept away in less than an hour. Unlocking via facial scan works great and the new gestures (for example, swiping up the bottom of the home screen) are a matter of course faster than you can think about it. What is missing, of course, is the soothing click that the home button conveys.

4. The display

Where the iPhone 8 with 4.7-inch diagonal and 326 ppi (LCD) rather meets the requirement "good enough", sets the iPhone 11 Pro with 5.8 inches diagonal and 458 ppi (OLED) in every way on it. This hardly matters when checking the Twitter feed or the weather report, but when it comes to media consumption, it looks very different. The screen of the iPhone 11 Pro is terribly good, especially in direct comparison. I ran the Batman movie "The Dark Knight" on both devices in parallel via the TV app – the advantages of the "Super Retina XDR Display" are without doubt enormous, contrast and sharpness are top. Not that the iPhone 8 has a bad display, but here is the technical advantage between the cell phone generations very easy to experience.

5. The sound

When watching movies also the better speaker sound of the iPhone 11 Pro is noticeable: louder and fuller, you can hear it immediately. Apple advertises "3D Sound" and Dolby Atmos, I initially thought that was marketing nonsense. But if you run the above-mentioned Batman Strip and approach it absurdly close (about 15-20 cm distance) to the phone, then this really works – you are enveloped by an impressive sound cloud, the iPhone 8 does not get there , Do you need that urgently? No. Will you be lying in bed in the evening looking forward to watching the latest movie trailers under the blanket reinzieht? Yes.

6. The performance

Both are fast, there is no significant difference in everyday life.

7. The camera

Finally, slofies, my life makes sense! The iPhone 8 has accompanied me for two years not only as a phone and pocket computer, but also as a reliable point and shoot snap for Instagram and travel memories. In the meantime, the Android Group has made impressive advances in various areas (especially low-light photography), Apple has retook with the 11er iPhones a place at the top. I can not say too much yet, but my first photos and videos were able to meet and even exceed the high expectations. Whether the name suffix "Pro" in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro with regard to the camera is really justified, I will make no judgment, because I'm not a professional photographer. My impression, however, is that we have finally reached the point where an average user regards his smartphone as his main camera at the same time. For me it was with the iPhone 8 already, now Apple should pick up even the more demanding users.

8. The battery

My iPhone 8 comes even after two years (battery condition: 89 percent) still good by a "day" of normal use. Where "day" is defined as the period between getting up and going to sleep. The iPhone 11 understands the "day" already more literally, say 24 hours. I had a few percent left after the first day of ambitious use the next morning, that's a good sign. I can say more about that later.

48 hours with the iPhone 11 Pro: First conclusion

Even if the iPhone 11 Pro turns out in almost all respects as the better smartphone (after a few minutes) – I would generally recommend it to anyone. Unless I know that the one who puts immense emphasis on display quality and camera skills (and money does not matter). The iPhone 8 (RRP 529 Euro) is a solid everyday companion simply so good that the gain arises when changing places where there may not be any need. What I can already say for sure: The habituation is much milder than I have imagined in advance. Slightly more volume and weight in the hand, plus the changes that Face ID brings – that's like switching from a VW Polo to a Golf, a big shock or an unpleasant learning curve does not take place. Apple let the iPhone be an iPhone and that's a good thing.

Could I tell you what it feels like switching from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 Pro? I'm happy about questions and comments in the comments.

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