This is how the helicopter fell with Evo Morales on board


The event occurred at 12:48 local (16:48 GMT) and involved the EC-145 aircraft that was going to move Morales from the town of Colquiri, in the department of La Paz, to the neighboring region of Oruro, according to a statement from the FAB.

The helicopter "presented one, why he made an emergency landing mechanical failure of the tail rotor during takeoff" and "no injury occurred", indicates the note.

"The Bolivian Air Force according to the rules will proceed to activate the Accident Investigation Board," the statement said, adding that "more details regarding the event will be given according to the progress of the investigation."

Morales arrived this morning in Colquiri to inaugurate a road that will link that mining district in the La Paz highlands with Oruro.

Before the event, the Bolivian president traveled by caravan on the inaugurated highway and then participated in an event in Colquiri.

In videos circulating on social networks You can see how the helicopter takes off from a soccer field and a few meters later, already outside the sports arena, descends again.

This is not the first time Morales has had an incident of this kind, since in December 2009 the plane of the president of Bolivia registered a technical failure when traveling to the city of Sucre (south) and had to land emergency at the airport from the central region of Cochabamba.

This failure in the hydraulic system forced the pilot of the presidential ship to land at the Jorge Wilstermann International Airport in Cochabamba.

In June of that year, the president was also forced to suspend his participation in the summit on the global crisis in the United Nations (UN) because his aircraft suffered a breakdown that was later repaired.

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