Trump and Melania's heavy joke on a child on Halloween


He President of the United States, Donald Trumpmade one kidding a child during the Halloween event at the White House and his gesture has been criticized on social networks because when the minor in disguise of a "minion”He approached the candy distribution, the president chose to put them in the top costume without the child immediately realizing that they had given him candy and finished confused because he had no gifts in his bag.

He Trump's trolley in which also participated his wife Melania went viral on social networks where the joking controversy. Tens of users they didn't see with good eyes that the president would prefer to deliver the candy to the child disguised as the character in the movie "My favorite villain" in the head of his costume and not in the bag which he carried so that the gifts could be deposited there.

While Trump and his wife found it funny place the candy on the head of the costume from "minion" the Internet users they considered rude that the presidential couple He will leave the child almost "with his hand outstretched."

He joke video He has gone around the world. It is said that after agent behavior, staff of the White House he helped the child after the incident because of the way they were delivered the candy, these quickly fell from the head of the inflatable costume.

He halloween event it is a tradition in the presidential residence of U.S in which the President and the First Lady receiving children who visit them disguised To celebrate this time of year.

On this occasion, the ceremony lasted about 40 minutes and there paraded minors Superheros, dinosaurs and characters from the “Toy story"

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