"Unworthy spectacle": provincial governors demand more …


The countries criticize the capping of the compensation payments after the abolition of the nursing care.

The provincial governors have again criticized the cap on compensatory payments by the federal government on 300 million euros for 2019 and 2020 in terms of care regress on Friday. Upper Austria's regional director Thomas Stelzer (OVP) spoke after the provincial general conference in Wiener Neustadt of an "unworthy spectacle".

Although Federal Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein signaled willingness to talk, the country chiefs want to wait for the solution of the problem to the new government, said the current chairwoman of the LH-conference Johanna Mikl-Leitner (OVP). Responsible for the maximum limit is actually a National Council decision by OVP and FPO in September.

"Towards the Confederation to get the money"

Stelzer hover before those 340 million euros, which have submitted the federal states in their calculations. These have been trimmed "unilaterally" rightly, so the criticism. In Upper Austria, for example, six million were missing. But the money must be available as it is needed. Finally, the federal government had intervened with the abolition of nursing care in the financing system, but makes no cost compensation. Therefore, it was decided unanimously, "to open the direction of the federal government to get the money," said Stelzer, who soon wants again a "politically active federal government".

The Lander are responsible for inpatient care (in nursing homes). The federal government abolished the nursing care regime in 2017 (with entry into force in 2018). Until then, residents of inpatient facilities had to bear some of the costs themselves. For this purpose, the pension and the care allowance were deducted to finance the care place. If this was not enough, then the assets of those affected were also used. Since early 2018, this practice is history.

Compensation payments were promised to the federal states for the revenue foregone. For 2018 they receive a total of 295.5 million euros. The criticism of the countries comes up against the cap that was set by the OVP and FPO in the Nationalrat in September for the compensation payments of 300 million euros each for the years 2019 and 2020, which are to be distributed from the long-term care fund.


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