US authorities have found substance that led to the death of e-cigarette smokers


According to the latest findings, an oil obtained from vitamin E should be responsible for several deaths after consumption of e-cigarettes. Picture: KEYSTONE

US authorities have found substance that led to the death of e-cigarette smokers

According to the CDC, a vitamin E-derived oil could be a potential cause of deaths after e-cigarette use in the US.

"This is the first time that we have discovered a potentially worrying chemical in samples from patients with these lung diseases," the agency said Friday.

In a study of samples of lung fluid from 29 diseased patients from 10 states, the oil was found in all samples. However, further investigations would have to be carried out and it could not be ruled out that other chemicals would also contribute to the diseases.

39 people have died in the US so far after the use of e-cigarettes, more than 2000 fell ill. In Europe, no similar increase in lung damage is known so far. (SDA / dpa)

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