US metropolis reflects on the orientation of a Formula 1 race


As the racing series and the management of the hard-rock stadium in the East Coast city explained in a joint press release, there is general agreement on the implementation of this project. However, this is not more than a declaration of intent.

Whether Miami is actually included in the race calendar, must be decided at a later date. "We look forward to bringing the planet's biggest racing spectacle to one of the most iconic and glamorous regions in the world for the first time," it said anyway.

Plans for a race in Miami have been running for several years. Originally there should be first wishes already this year a Grand Prix in the state of Florida. Initially, a course in the city center with passages directly on the coast was favored, but this project failed due to the city's objection. Now, a course has been designed around the home ground of the American football club Miami Dolphins, in 2020, the Super Bowl will be held. Stadium boss Tom Garfinkel published the first photos of the new facilities on his Twitter account.

Since 2012, the annual Formula 1 race in the US takes place in Austin, Texas. The contract with the racetrack will run until at least 2021.



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