Velez: Cavallero said that Zarate "has already happened"


The manager of Velez, Pablo Cavallero, spoke Thursday with Sportia about the relationship of Mauro Zarate with the Fort, considering his new visit to Mouth to Sunday's Amalfitani by the Super league: "From the moment he made the decision to go to Boca, I didn't speak again. I do have a relationship with Roly (his brother, Rolando) because he has other players in the lower ones."

Likewise, the ex-boatman did not want to stir up old grudges: "We turned the page. We did not have time, we did lose a great player, because I think he has different soccer conditions to what is out there, we were given a lot of benefits, but he made the decision and he has to take over. We automatically had to replace him with a player, readjust the team for the way we worked with him and I think it was a year, the team has continued to grow and today we are in another story ,. thinking about our day to day. "

Also, Meteoro referred to the family intern who broke out among the Zarate in the wake of Mauro's departure: "Surely they as family and brothers, time will take them to join and that this remains in the past. Today is very recent, everything is very alive, Boca is a team that is constantly generating news every day and it seems that this happened yesterday and we have been a year and a half. "

Finally, he invited the public to forget about Mauro: "I don't want to give any message, just to encourage the team as we need it every Sunday, as it has been doing, and trust that we are going to make a great game and hopefully the three points stay in Liniers Mauro is done, Mauro is over, it is important that the team play well and win, the rest is there.

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