Visit Washington DC, the capital of the United States


Just four hours from New York by land, it is possible to visit the emblematic capital city of the United States: Washington DC. And in the easiest and simplest way, since all or almost all the sites and monuments of interest are very close, which facilitates your visit in one day, without any complications.

Washington Capitol
Washington Capitol

Countless movies have immortalized the city and its typical streets and monuments that have become protagonists of films, and of the daily life of the imposing and powerful city, erected as the nerve center of the nation.

A day tour to Washington from New York

A professional Spanish-speaking guide accompanies tourists taking from New York, an excursion to Washington DC that runs through the center of the American capital to visit the most iconic sites in the city in the simplest way.

The most representative buildings

The imposing Capitol, the majestic White House, the Arlington Cemetery, the great monuments that escort the Constitution Avenue and the fascinating Museum of Air and Space, are some of the landmarks that represent the history, power and scientific and technological development that identifies the country.

The esplanade, better known as the National Mall, offers from its gardens and paths full of museums, an overview of all aspects that the city gathers in its collections and institutions.

Monuments to Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt They walk us through the history of the country.

A sacred ground in the United States

When visiting Virginia, a mandatory stop is to visit the Arlington National Cemetery, very easy and simple to contemplate what is considered the most sacred ground in the northern country. They can be appreciated great views of the Potomac River, the imposing Pentagon, the great monument to the hero who gave the name to the city and the magnificent Capitol.

A space dedicated to citizen heroes

The heroes of his story rest there: Presidents Taft and Kennedy, pioneering explorers like Peary and Byrd, Doubleday the supposed inventor of baseball; Boxing champions, judges and prominent political figures.

When crossing the Arlington Memorial Bridge you can visualize the Eternal Flame and the place of greatest attraction: the so-called "Tomb of the Unknowns", where are the remains of unknown soldiers of the two world wars and anonymous soldiers of the Korean War and from Vietnam

The largest collection of planes and their science

An iconic construction known as the Smithsonian, houses in its spaces the largest collection of aircraft related objects and his science, known in the museum field as the Museum of Air and Space, as well as being dedicated to geophysics, geology and planetary and technological science.

The Gerber building houses a surprising collection

Among the items that cause more astonishment in visitors are the lunar module of Apollo 11, the Spirit of Saint Louis, in which Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic, real-scale models of ferries and lunar modules and the Bell X – 1 that made the first supersonic flight.

The rocks of Mars from a meteorite and lunar rocks that can be touched are objects that cause stupor and pay homage to the eagerness to discover what the human being has.

The most impressive monuments and buildings

Throughout the history of the capital city, important buildings and monuments have been added to the avenue of the Constitution, the most representative of the entire nation.

Numerous and very easy to observe

A simple way to soak up American history and culture is to stroll along this impressive avenue, stop to take pictures of the spaces that cause more curiosity, such as monument to genius Albert Einstein, much admired by young people and academics from all over the world.

The most important milestones

In just one day in a simple and very enjoyable way you can know important landmarks of the nation, its heroes, scientists, its most prominent characters and events that fill its history with moments and protagonists represented in emotional monuments that express the greatness of the nation and its capital city, by making it available to tourists eager for new and enriching experiences.

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