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Jocelyne Haller gave up her mandate in Berne, saying that she preferred to stay at the Geneva Grand Council. The 2nd best-elected candidate on the list, Jean Burgermeister, for his part believes that this seat of the left of the left in Bern must be occupied by a woman.

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Yet elected to the National, Jocelyne Haller renounces going to Bern

It's not Jocelyne Haller alone who got a seat, it's a whole movement.

Stefanie Prezioso

As a result, she is the 3rd candidate best elected Sunday who is about to enter the National Council. Invited Wednesday La Matinale, Stefanie Prezioso categorically rejects any denial of democracy. "No, no," she said, amusing herself with the question. "I do not think that a party like mine is a platform that aims to personalize politics around some key figures," says the Genevoise. "We do not believe it, neither Jocelyne Haller, nor me, nor my whole movement, we think we are a collective, we would not have got this seat if we had not been a collective (…) It's not Jocelyne Haller alone who got a seat, it's a whole movement. "

The politician on the left of the left can "understand the disappointment" of those among voters who feel cheated. "On the other hand, I spent my day yesterday (Tuesday) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc … There were reactions, but there was also – it was much less raised and I regrets – a lot of very positive reactions (…) I sincerely regret that these other reactions have not attracted more interest from the press. "

It was quite probable, possible, that one of us – probably Jean Burgermeister – was in front.

Stefanie Prezioso

Stefanie Prezioso assures that nobody could say if Jocelyne Haller would give up in case of election. "She was the first surprise" of her election, she says. "I led this campaign with Jean Burgermeister (n.d.l.r .: she was head of list), there was our head everywhere in Geneva and it was quite likely, possible, that one of us – probably Jean Burgermeister – was in front. But at no point was it obvious that Jocelyne Haller would not accept the post if she was elected. "

The new representative of Ensemble on the left at the National Council also underlines that Jocelyne Haller had withdrawn: "She did not campaign, she was penultimate of the list and from there, she thought to have given to her electorate a clear signal that she was there to support a very little known nomination, which was mine, and to give her a pledge of legitimacy. "

Sit with the Greens or the PS?

The new elected will sit in Bern alongside the only representative of the alternative left, the Neuchatel pop Denis de la Reussille. Will they sit with the Greens or the PS? "We have not made a decision on this yet."

Interview by Julien Bangerter

Web adaptation: Olivier Angehrn

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Posters for the 2019 Federal Elections in Geneva.

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