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Death stranding Take you everywhere throughout history. While you complete it you will go through many places, and you will have some other obligatory confrontation. However, the most dangerous are the meetings with the EV (Stranded Entities), a kind of ghosts that, to make matters worse, are (except in specific points of history) random encounters.

To try to have as few problems as possible, we want to give you a series of general tips so that avoid dying at the hands of ghosts that swarm the map.

How to detect EV

EVs appear when it rains. That to start. There may be times when it is not necessary to rain, but as a general rule, it is an indispensable condition. There are several visual notices that you are in an area of ​​ghosts, but the clearest is that the radar on your shoulder (odradek) start to "blink" like crazy.

Death Stranding - EV: odradek blinking

Now comes the interesting part. Even if you know they're there, even if you've already seen them, You can only see their silhouettes by standing still. The rain does not mark the position of these intangible beings, it is you who has to stand still. Eye you can Move slowly, take a few steps, without disappearing. But if you move too fast, stop seeing where they are.

Death Stranding - EV: Ev in the rain

How to avoid EVs

The first is quite obvious: you have to move always crouched and don't bump into them. The odradek will alternate his behavior depending on how close you are to one of them. If you are at a safe distance, just blink and focus on the ghost you have closer. However, at being too close, start to spin. Then an indicator appears on the screen that you should press and hold R1 to hold your breath.

Death Stranding: Sam holds his breath

If this situation occurs, you have to Slowly move away from the EV, without releasing R1, and release it when the odradek stops turning quickly. If your energy runs out, Sam will take a deep breath and the EV will hear you and go for you. The idea is that you move between them to your goal to prevent them from reaching you. When advancing in the game you unlock three types of special non-lethal grenade, which will allow you to temporarily stun or drive EVs away.

How to run away if they discover me

Even if an EV knows where you are, That does not mean that I discovered you. In principle they know where the sound has come from, but not where you are, unless you are running. In that case, simply press and hold the R1 button while moving down. The problem with this, obviously, is that if you are moving, you will not see the rest of the EV and you may bump into one. However, What happens when they really hear you and discover you?

In that case, a black circular zone and lots of hands will try to drag you to the other side. Your only option right now is to get leave the area. It is not an area too big, but the hands that grab your character (do not abuse shaking with the square button, it is not always necessary) quickly deplete your resistance. If you manage to keep calm and leave the area, the EVs return to the pre-alert state.

Death Stranding - EV: Absorption Zone

How to fight with the EV

Now comes the part where you are especially awkward, carrying a lot of cargo, or Sam was exhausted and you just absorbed by the black mass. In this case you will reach an area with a "boss". Here you have two options. The first is kill him with hemtic grenades. The other is simply flee the area, although it is very large. In both cases, you survive. If you run out of resources and are playing on-line, you can see the "ghosts" of other players, who leave resources. Anyway, if you survive, the area is cleared of EV.

However, if the boss kills you … well you die. And the mantra that is repeated throughout the game is fulfilled and, although you don't go to a Game Over screen (except in mandatory battles with EV as part of the story), the area is devastated by an explosion. Over time, the area regenerates, but not being something immediately immediate.

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