Why the father took his children from school


DThe six children with whom Gerrit Jan van D. was said to have lived in isolation on a farm in the Ruinerwold for nine years have never visited a school, according to information from the Dutch authorities. They were not even registered at the registration office. The 67-year-old man accused of deprivation of liberty, maltreatment and money laundering as a father, however, made experiences with a school: between 1998 and 2000 he even sat on the board of a Waldorf school foundation in Zwolle, as the Dutch authorities told the newspaper "AD" confirmed. At that time, the school was visited by four of its older children, who fled the family before their father secretly moved to the farm in 2010 with the six younger children – and was discovered there only last week.

Sebastian Eder

This information is in line with a text that D. has published on a private blog under a pseudonym in 2009 – explaining why he eventually took his children out of school. The fact that this blog and other Internet appearances were operated by D., made the newspaper "de Volkskrant" public earlier this week. D. wrote that he spent seven years in a school because he wanted to influence how his children are taught. He first took care of the school garden and taught children how to grow vegetables. Later, he was asked to assist in the chairmanship of the school foundation, a kind of board of the school. In this function D. experienced according to own description that the government wanted to take more and more influence on the "free school". "That's why I decided to take my children out of school."

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